CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALS: Leveraging network diversity for the capital markets

The Trading-Atrium

Singapore, 25 June 2020 – The Trading-Atrium by Neo & Partners Global (NPG) is designed to be a technologically sophisticated financial electronic trading facility that covers all aspects of a trading ecosystem. It was created to help high-growth, medium-sized international financial firms such as Proprietary Trading Firms, Fund Management Companies, Family Offices and Commodity Trading Advisors, jump start their digital automation journey.

The Trading-Atrium’s key differentiator and unique competitive advantage lies in its powerful capability to conduct multi-asset global trading on one single broker-neutral platform. This platform can also be accessed securely either on premise at The Trading-Atrium, or off premise to facilitate working from home or team segregation measures.

To deliver a high-performance platform to their customers, an ultra-low latency network is needed to support responsiveness. For the platform to function reliably, NPG sought to partner a network provider that can provide highly resilient connectivity with inbuilt redundancy.

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In a world post COVID19, businesses are increasingly looking to take their operations online to better mitigate the impact of a pandemic. The financial sector, particularly in the capital markets segment, is even more pressured to do so as they are an essential service delivering critical economy functions.

With the increased reliance on digital services especially post COVID 19, network performance in terms of responsiveness and reliability have been pushed to the forefront as more and more critical services go “e”. As a forerunner in the FSI space, NPG was determined to provide a best in class networking experience for their customers.

However, with most major network service providers relying on shared infrastructure to deliver fibre services NPG found themselves in need of a partner that could provide a network core that was physically separate from the rest.


SPTel was able to fulfil NPG’s requirements for a diversified network because we are the only network service provider to use unique fibre pathways that combine leased SP Group infrastructure and owned fibre pipes, laid alongside the power network cables.

At SPTel, we believe in delivering high quality fibre connectivity for our partners. By owning, managing and maintaining our own fibre network, we are also able to ensure that the network is built to our exacting standards.

We have built our network with highly protected fibre routes and core density at every stage, plus dual exchanges for buildings with SPTel resource as a standard. This means that should there be any disruption with one of our exchanges, traffic can be re-routed via the next exchange route with minimal impact to operations.

Our fibre network is also buried deeper underground and runs through our own secure facilities for lower risk of service disruptions from 3rd party activities.

With these core competencies, SPTel ensures NPG’s mission critical data is delivered, one way or another. Eric Neo Say Wei, Founder and Chairman, Neo & Partners Global, shares more.

“With the recent COVID 19 outbreak, we see the financial industry, particularly in the Capital Markets segment looking to consume more advanced data and analytics. We are well placed to enable them to tap on to a ready platform that can be accessed remotely for more productivity wherever they may be. Powering our high-performance equipment with the right network partner for responsiveness and resiliency is key to ensuring our capital markets clients confidence in our Trading-Atrium solution. We are glad to have found a partner in SPTel.”

Value Created

By choosing SPTel as their network diversity partner, NPG not only benefitted from a more resilient network, they found a true partner that share their network journey with them. Mr Neo shares more on his experience working with the SPTel Team.

“I found the SPTel team to be helpful and committed to supporting a successful network migration for us. They were able to smoothly transition us from not just one but two telecom carrier networks. From our account manager who was attentive to our needs, to the engineering team who set up our services and ensured we achieved consistent latency performance across International sites, they consistently worked to deliver the business outcomes we wanted.”

NPG also benefitted from SPTel’s flexible contract terms, to enable greater business agility to respond to changing business needs. By understanding and listening to our customer’s requirements, we are better able to come up with win-win scenarios to build a strong partnership.

Key takeaways


  • End customers require a high-performance network

  • More services moving online, increased importance of network resiliency

  • Needed ultra-low latency, best in class partner


  • SPTel’s diverse network core with unique fibre routes

  • Exchange diversity for every building served by SPTel Fibre greater peace of mind

  • Greater physical protection to minimise risk of outages

Value Created

  • Supportive and dedicated operations team for successful migration

  • SPTel’s customer first mentality

About SPTel
As an ST Engineering and SP Group JV, we leverage their strengths to provide unique connectivity and digital services to ensure your business is ready for future opportunities.

We believe that future networks must be both reliable and intelligent. That’s why we created business class digital network, an end-to-end Software-Defined Network with Network Functions Virtualisation (SDN-NFV).

Our network is known for reliability, because our diverse network core uses unique fibre pathways that combine leased SP Group infrastructure with our own fibre pathways, laid alongside the power network cables. Our network architecture also ensures your data takes the shortest route for optimal performance.

Adding to that, our cloud-gen network is equipped with intelligent features to change the way you do business. Artificial intelligence allows it to solve problems before they occur by self-healing. The self-monitoring network will detect and proactively alert users to DDoS attacks. Instant quotations and services on demand enable you to react quickly to changing network needs and lower total cost of ownership with just in time services.

Our business class digital network is further enhanced with edge cloud computing capabilities, supported by our access to pervasive hubs to deploy multi-access edge computing. Our award-winning IoT-as-a-Service platform leverages this capability to perform analytics closer to things, events and people for optimal performance.

We think big and make bigger things happen. We work intelligently, always exploring new ways to solve your business challenges. By adopting advanced software technology, we are confident of helping you navigate our data-driven world to achieve business success through digital transformation.

Contact us to experience our signature reliability, redefined.

Reliability with an Edge

About The Trading-Atrium
The Trading-Atrium by Neo & Partners Global, a NS MARK (GOLD) accredited and Total Defence Award; NS Advocate SME award company, has positioned Singapore squarely at centre of an electronic trading revolution. Neo & Partners Global's multi-asset and broker-neutral platform is technologically unique in the creation, development and innovation.

The Trading-Atrium innovative 360° development is created by an array of innovative features: advanced computer and network hardware, low latency dual resilient network, broker-neutral environment, algorithmic trading and professional services. All set up in a state-of-the-art design befitting of the word “Trading-Atrium”. The thinking behind all this is aligned with Neo & Partners Global’s mission: To inspire and empower every trader anywhere in the world through the sophistication and innovation of the TRADING-ATRIUM; ultimately, to fulfill Neo & Partners Global’s vision of being the change leader to help realize Singapore as an international financial trading hub for Asia.

The Trading-Atrium is designed to encourage collaboration and knowledge exchange among traders: professional services, liquidity pool accesses and the office layout all add up to an effective and efficient trading and business environment. The end result: Neo & Partners Global's clients can operate more profitably, continually adapt better to a fast-changing environment and grow sustainably.

About Neo & Partners Global
Neo & Partners Global was founded in 2014 and is strategically located in the heart of Singapore’s business district with access to financial markets’ excellence. Its vision is to be the change leader to realize Singapore as a premier international financial trading hub by helping high-growth, medium-sized international trading enterprises build their own independent trading enterprises and brands in Singapore.

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